Your Stay in our Historical Building

The year 1900: population growth and the dawn of new transportation technologies rendered the old medieval cores of European cities too small. The old city walls were mostly pulled down, large boulevards and whole new city quarters were built just outside the historical towns. Railway networks started to connect the major cities and the railway stations were built right in the middle of the new and developing quarters.

The building that today hosts the Adlerhof is a nice testimonial of these exciting times. Its architecture and interior design, from the inner courtyard to the beautifully decorated facade or the ornamented café/breakfast room still reflect the turn of the century spirit.

During World War II the Salzburg train station as well as the quarter surrounding it were bombed heavily, and many buildings destroyed. Luckily, the building that now hosts the Adlerhof was spared from the bombs and could therefore keep its original turn-of-the-century structure and architecture.

Some years ago, the Adlerhof's house was registered as a landmarked building in Salzburg.
Today, it still represents an interesting contrast to the Austrian 50ies and 60ies city development plans, whith its construction of large appartment block buildings around the train station, in order to provide housing for the growing population.

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