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Salzburg Advanced - Nature

Besides its great cultural richness, Salzburg is also a city of great natural beautySometimes it takes only a few walking minutes, a short bus ride or some minutes by bike to get out of the citys bustle and reach the nature in and around Salzburg.

Here you can find some excursion trips which should help you to enrich your stay in Salzburg with some nature.


With its height of 1.288 meters, the Gaisberg is Salzburgs closest mountain, just outside of the city. For locals the Gaisberg is one of the most popular recreation areas, with beautiful hiking paths, a great view and an Alpine hut on its top for a "Jause" (Austrian snack).

Sportsmen and -women take a bike to go up that winding serpentine road to the Gaisbergs top, less sporty people take a car (But Beware: There are not so many parking spots up there and if there are too many people, the road gets closed for cars!) or environmentally friendly by bus. Bus number 151 goes up to the Gaisberg several times a day, directly from the Mirabellplatz . It is an ideal excursion for all who seek a little distraction from the city life and culture in Salzburg

Water in Salzburg

Water is Salzburgs most valuable natural ressource. No wonder, as Salzburg is Austrias province capital with the most rainy days!

Therefore it is the phenomenon of the so-called "Salzburger Schnürlregen", a rain that drops over the city like a courtain, sometimes for days, that can nearly be considered as a tourist attraction. Apart from Salzburgs main river, the Salzach, several small brooks and rivers are flowing through our city. Along most of them you can paths or cycling lanes lead through a green and lush landscape.

Some nice brooks worth to be mentioned are the "Alm", the "Saalach", the "Alterbach" or the "Königseeer Ache". We will be pleased to show you their locations on a map once you are in Salzburg.

Cycling Paths

It is Salzburgs favourite means of transport: the bycicle! Without any parking problems, it takes you wherever you may want to go in Salzburg.

On a bike you can reach most of Salzburgs sites within 10 minutes, to Hellbrunn it is a 20 minutes ride. Along both sides of the Salzach river, cyclists find kilometers of great cycling paths. The cycling paths along the Salzach river lead out of town to the north and to the south. Heading south, it is just a one hour bike ride to reach the small city of Hallein. Touristically interesting is Hallein mainly because of its Salt Mine and its old medieval city core.

Heading north, it is a one hour excursion by bike to reach the village of Oberndorf. Oberndorf is the birthplace of the famous Christmas carol "Silent Night" that had its world premier in the chapel of Oberndorf. As the border to Germany leads through the Salzach river, it is also easy to go for a short trip to Germany.

Natural History Museum

Experience, discover and understand nature are the major goals of the Natural History Museum in Salzburg. In several creativly designed halls, themes such as outer space, dinosaurs, the sea, etc… can interactively be discovered.

But also Salzburg specific themes, such as the huge mountain crystals that were found in the mountains around the town, or an exhibition about the findings of Salzburgs greatest Physic Christian Doppler are on display in the "House of Nature". In 2009 the "House of Nature" expanded and took over the neighbouring building as well. In the new exhibition halls, adults and children can now interactively and creatively explore the world of physics in all its various aspects.

City Mountains

Like green islands, the mountains of Salzburgs city stretch out of a sea of houses: These mountains are the: Mönchs-, Rain-, and the Kapuzinermountain.

Therefore it takes just a few steps to escape from the narrow streets of the Old Town into a green surrounding. The charms of the various mountains are rather different: It is the Kapuziner mountains nativeness that appeals the most, whereas the Mönchsberg, as the Fortress mountain, hosts various little Chateaus, Defense Walls and Modern Art in its amble woods.