• Hohensalzburg Fortress

    Fortress Hohensalzburg, Mönchsberg, Salzburg, Austria .

    The Fortress of Hohensalzburg is said to be the largest Fortress in Middle-Europe. It was built on top of the Monchsberg to protect the area along the shipping routes on the Salzach River. Although, the earliest remains of this fortification can be traced to the Romans, who used to have castello there to protect the city "Juvavum" (Salzburgs name during the Roman era). The Castle is open for visitors and is the most visited place in Salzburg city.

  • Mozart's birthplace

    Mozart's Birthplace, Getreidegasse, Salzburg, Austria .

    Mozart's birthplace (German: Mozarts Geburtshaus or Hagenauerhaus) was the birthplace of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart at No. 9 Getreidegasse in Salzburg, Austria. The Mozart family resided on the third floor from 1747 to 1773. Mozart himself was born here on 27 January 1756. He was the seventh child of Leopold Mozart, who was a musician of the Salzburg Royal Chamber.

    Now a museum, Mozart's birthplace introduces visitors to the early life of the composer, his first musical instruments, his friends, and his passionate interest in opera. The third floor exhibits Mozart's childhood violin as well as portraits, documents, and early editions of his music, and the second floor is devoted to Mozart's interest in opera and includes the clavichord on which he composed The Magic Flute. The structure is owned by the Mozart Foundation.

  • Getreidegasse

    Getreidegasse, Salzburg, Austria .

    Getreidegasse (Grain Lane) is a busy shopping street in the historic Altstadt (Old Town) of Salzburg, Austria, a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1996. It is known for the birthplace of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart at No. 9, where he lived until the age of 17. The narrow street is characterised by numerous high town houses side by side with its wrought iron guild signs.

  • Mirabell Garden

    Mirabellplatz, Salzburg, Austria .

    Mirabell Gardens and Palace

  • Domquartier Salzburg

    Residenzplatz, Residenzplatz, Salzburg, Austria .

    The Domquartier, former residence of the Archbishop of Salzburg (ruler of Salzburg until the end of 18th century) an a very interesting museum today

  • Haus der Natur

    Museumsplatz, Salzburg, Austria .

    The Natural Science Museum in Salzburg. A great place to spend a day indoors with kids but also very interesting for adults!

  • Hangar 7

    Wilhelm-Spazier-Straße 7a, Salzburg, Austria .

    The Hangar 7, private airplane and car collection and exhibition of the Red Bull founder. Also a fancy restaurant, bar and café. Free entrance to the changing car/plane exhibitions.

  • Mozart Residence

    Makartplatz, Salzburg, Austria .

    The house where Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart used to live during his time in Salzburg. It is a museum about Mozart today.

  • Maria Plain

    Maria Plain, Plainbergweg, Bergheim, Austria .

    A beautiful baroque church, where Mozart already used to give concerts. It is located a bit "off the beaten track" in the northern part of Salzburg;

  • Leopoldskron

    Schloss Leopoldskron, Leopoldskronstraße, Salzburg, Austria .

    The Palace of Leopoldskron was featured in the movie "The Sound of Music" and is beautifully located, in the south of Salzburg, next to a scenic pond. It is a nice promenade, from the Old Town to this Palace. Palace is not open to the public, though.

  • Kapuzinerberg

    Kapuzinerberg, Salzburg, Austria .

    The Kapuzinerberg is one of Salzburgs "city mountains". As soon as you walk up this mountain, it is like you left the city and you are "in the wild". On the mountain, there is also a large monastery as well as the house of famous 19th century writer Stefan Zweig and a littlr castle.

  • Festspielhaus

    Großes Festspielhaus, Hofstallgasse, Salzburg, Austria .

    The "Festspielhaus" is the place where during the Salzburger Festspiele, many of the concerts and operas are taking place. The Salzburger Festspiele were founded in the year 1920 and are still one of the most important festivals for classical music and arts in the whole world. The take place during mid-July until Mid-August.

  • Salzbergwerk Berchtesgaden

    Salzbergwerk Berchtesgaden, Bergwerkstraße, Berchtesgaden, Germany .

    The famous Salt Mine in the Dürrnberg is the place where Salzburgs wealth was generated during the 16th and 17th century. Although, the Celtic tribes were already mining salt there 3.000 years ago.

  • Untersberg

    Grödig Untersbergbahn (Berchtesgadener Straße), Austria .

    The Untersberg is the nearest large mountain to Salzburg. The mountain is very steep and rises about 1.800 meters above sea level. It can be ascended by cable car, which can be reached easily from Salzburg city by public bus. Walking up to the Untersberg is only recommended to experienced hikers / climbers!

  • Eisriesenwelt

    Eisriesenwelt Werfen, Werfen, Austria .

    This is the largest Ice Cave in the whole world and it is open to the public during the summer months! It is located in the town of Werfen, which can easily be reached from Salzburg after a short 45 minutes ride by train or by car (highway)

  • Eagles Nest

    Dokumentationszentrum Obersalzberg, Salzbergstraße, Berchtesgaden, Germany .

    The Obersalzberg was a very important place during the darkest years in German history. Nowadays, you can visit the documentation centre there as well as the so-called "Eagles Nest" high up on the mountain. The Eagles Nest was prominently featured in the German propaganda during the 1940ies

  • Silent-Night-Chapel

    Stille Nacht Kapelle, Stille Nacht-Platz, Oberndorf bei Salzburg, Austria .

    The Silent Night Chapel is the place where the famous Christmas Song was invented and sung for the first time. It is located in the beautiful little city of Oberndorf, which has got a Twin-city on the other part of the Salzach river, which lies in Germany. The river cuts the city in two parts - Laufen in Germany and Oberndorf in Austria.

  • Mondsee

    Mondsee, Austria .

    Mondsee is scenic village next to the Lake of Mondsee. It has got a beatiful and large baroque church, which was featured in the "Sound of Music" movie (wedding scene). The landscape there is breathtakingly beautiful and in the summer months you can go swimming in the lake.

  • Hallstatt

    Hallstatt, Austria .

    The World Famous Village and UNESCO World cultural Heritag site (bronze age findings).

    Just a day trip away from Salzburg, easily to be reached by public transports: The bus 150 leaves every 30 minutes from the main station, just around the corner from the Adlerhof. Change from the bus to a train at the beautiful town of Bad Ischl and continue your way  to Hallstatt.