The Adlerhof has been a great choice for bus travellers for many decades. Today, private bus operators such as Flixbus are connecting Salzburg to many great cities throughout Europe for a bargain! Also, private shuttle bus operators such as Ckshuttle are offering door-to-door transportation services from your accommodation in e.g. Cesky Krumlov to the Adlerhof in Salzburg. Of course, there is also plenty of public bus lines, which can be used to expore the surroundings of Salzburg,
The main bus terminal of Salzburg is located at the main train station of Salzburg. All the public bus lines (e.g. 840 or 150 or 140 to Mondsee) are leaving and are arriving in front of the main train station, just about 3 - 4 walking minutes away from us.
There is a private bus terminal (e.g. Flixbus) on the reverse side of the main train station ("Lastenstrasse"). This terminal is reached by a tunnel, leading throught the main train station and can be reached from the Adlerhof within about 6 - 8 walking minutes. Flixbus also has another bus terminal in the South of Salzburg (P & R Salzburg-Süd) from which many busses leave for Southern or Eastern Destinations (e.g. Venice, Budapest, Prague, etc...). This terminal is reached by local bus "3", directly from the main train station (front side). It takes about 35 minutes to reach the P&R Salzburg-Süd bus terminal, as it is located outside of the main city of Salzburg (faster connection to the highway....)
Of course, all public bus conncections are available from the Adlerhof within 2 - 3 walking minutes. You can reach the Historical Old Town of Salzburg easily by bus, or you go to the beautiful Palace of Hellbrunn by bus "25" directly from the main station. The surroundings can all be reached by public bus: eg. Bus 840 which goes directly from Salzburg  to Berchtesgaden (Salt Mines, Untersberg, Konigssee - Kings Lake) or the Bus 150 which connects Salzburg with Hallstatt, also covering St. Gilgen, Bad Ischl and St. Wolfgang.


Check-out all public train and bus connections to and from Salzburg right here: https://www.oebb.at/en/

Check-out the Flixbus connections here: https://global.flixbus.com/